About The Publisher: Dia Lok

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I am a mom to a kick-butt 6-year-old boy, a fierce 10-year-old girl, and a protective 14-year-old Japanese Chin dog.

Our family loves outdoor adventures, the arts, crafting, live music, making memories with family and friends, *food and **football. 

We enjoy exploring and discovering our amazing City. I have so much gratitude for the privilege to constantly learn through my children's eyes. 

In my spare time I am an attorney and an adjunct professor, who helps to run an elder abuse shelter. I manage and provide legal services to older adults who have experienced abuse. 

Thank you for reading about me. 

Now let's find some family fun!

💙☮🙏🏼 Dia

*Some like cooking; we all like eating.

**Ok, just one of us loves football. But that person really really loves it.