"Chizi's Tale" Inspires, Enlightens & Helps Protect Endangered Species

June 11, 2015
It's a rare children's book that can simultaneously engage, entertain and educate children, but I'm pleased to report that "Chizi's Tale" does all this and more, and it's a book I highly recommend sharing with your kids. Written by 18-year-old Connecticut high school student Jack Jones and based on true events, "Chizi's Tale" tells the story of Chizi, an orphaned black baby rhino abandoned by his mother when he was just one day old, and the family that adopts Chizi to raise him in their Zimbabwean home.

As improbable as it might seem, Chizi quickly becomes part of the Saxon family, and even learns how to turn on the shower when he is feeling overheated! He also likes to snuggle and play baseball, but he does not particularly enjoy being dressed up like a unicorn. Among the cuddles and play, the Saxons make sure to spend time introducing Chizi to his natural environment, taking frequent trips to help him learn how to eat twigs and branches, how to climb rocks, and how to be with other wild animals. When Chizi is three years old, he's become mature enough to live on his own, so the Saxons release him back into the wild, thereby taking an important step toward preserving the critically endangered black rhino population. With an enchanting storyline by young author Jack Jones and beautiful illustrations by Jacqui Taylor, "Chizi's Tale" is sure to appeal to kids and adults of all ages.

My family was fortunate to attend a festive event celebrating the release of "Chizi's Tale," during which we not only engaged in a plethora of animal-themed merriment, but also had an opportunity to hear from author Jack Jones, whose passion for Chizi and endangered species in general was incredibly inspiring, especially coming from someone of such a young age. Jack has been visiting Africa each summer since he was a young boy, and during these trips he developed an understanding and appreciation of the importance of preserving and protecting nature. Indeed, Jack was so inspired by Chizi and his adopted family that he decided to write "Chizi's Tale" as a way to not only enlighten kids and adults about the plight of the black rhino, but also to raise funds to help save Chizi and other endangered species. To that end, 100% of Jack's proceeds from the book will be donated to, a leading organization in wildlife conservation efforts.

"Chizi's Tale" is now available from Peek-A-Boo Publishing Group. For more information (including a super cute video featuring Chizi), visit

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