5 Ways to Show Your Appreciation to Teachers

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 3-7

By #awesome April 29, 2021

Teachers have been asked to do so much since the pandemic started — learning to teach virtually practically overnight, working hard to keep our children on track, and working more closely with parents than ever before. How can we ever thank them for helping us through? 

Heartfelt and thoughtful gifts feel like the way to go this National Teacher Appreciation Week, May 3-7.

I wanted to know the TRUTH about what teachers really want. So I surveyed teachers and administrators I know and came up with the five top gifts.

1. Gift cards

Let's face it, if we could we would give these heroes a million dollars. But in lieu of that, gift cards that are not store specific make the top of the list as a great gift! If you are more comfortable giving specific store gifts, Starbucks (no more mugs!), Amazon, Teachers Pay Teachers, Plum Paper or Erin Cordern were the favorites.

2. Personal thank-you notes.

Teachers love to hear what your child has to say from their heart. Here's a fun printable to make it easy for your child to write a letter. You can write one too. Go one step further and write one to the principal too, explaining why you believe your child's teacher, the school, or anyone working in the school is exceptional. Use specific examples, which are much more impactful and stand out. 

3. School Supplies

I hesitated putting this on the list, because it is not a gift FOR the teachers. But across the board, teachers spend their own money on supplies. It goes such a long way to provide whiteboard markers, erasers, scissors, pencils, sharpeners, decorative pieces, hand soap … all will be appreciated. Ask your teacher for a wish list or check Amazon to see if one is already started there!

4. House Plants

This is a personal favorite of mine because it is environmentally friendly and has the potential to last and last, like the impact the teachers have on your child.

5. A Bag

Especially this year teachers had to run back and forth to school, have supplies to work from home, and carry it all. A nice bag could go a long way. Get fun and put in a bottle of wine!

Thank you to all the teachers!