I'm so DONE with you, COVID!

grateful to be healthy

By #awesome May 6, 2021

I think we all feel the same way and have the same question: Can I return back to my normal life NOW? Please?!! So much has been and will be analyzed about this last year (and 71 days). There is little light I feel qualified to shed on the impact of this pandemic on our families, but there are very few times when we can all say that we are living in a time that history will mark in the books forever. How will our children remember this time? Finding ways to mark and shape this on our own stories and timelines is within our reach. Maybe it means writing a letter to your children, describing what the year has been like for you, maybe it means asking your children to write letter to their future generation explaining what this time has been like for them. Mark it and make it your own. There is little control we have in this, but we do have some say in how we shape our memory of it. Grab the chance and ask yourself how you would most like your life parenting in the pandemic to be remembered?