When Fall Leaves Will Peak In NYC, Upper East Side

And where to see them!

By Adina Kayton September 19, 2022

Wondering when the color of fall leaves will peak in 2022 near NYC, Upper East Side and where best to see them?

David Angotti can tell you. He is a statistical expert and the co-founder of the site His love for weather, travel, technology, and the autumn season led him to begin developing a nationwide fall leaf map in 2013 after one Smoky Mountains visitor too many inquired with him when the leaves would be at their fall best.

What started as a fun side-project quickly became the most respected nationwide fall leaf map and one of the best fall resources in the country. Now, tens of millions of people use his map each year to plan everything from photography trips to weddings. But the most common users are simply people wondering when the leaves will peak near them, just like you're wondering when leaves will be at their best fall color in Upper East Side!

While not an exact science, the predictive map uses a complex algorithm that carefully analyzes several million data points and outputs approximately 50,000 predictive data pieces to determine when leaves will peak in each part of the country.

Check out the map below to see when the leaves will peak in Central Park, Carl Schurz Park or another part of the country. Simply move the slider along the bottom to see when leaves are expected to reach peak color in. 

Where to go leaf peeping in NYC, Upper East Side. 

While at Macaroni KID Upper East Side we don't use scientific data to determine the best place to go in Central Park to see fall leaves, we think we have pretty good intel!

Here are my family's top five places near us to go leaf-peeping:

 Elena Photo via Canva

Hallett Nature Sanctuary 

East Side at 60th and 62nd Street

Look for the colors of the black cherry, sawtooth oak, gray birch, and tupelo at the Pond and in the Hallett Nature Sanctuary. The Hallett—the smallest of the Park’s woodlands—is open to the public daily.

 Ikostudio via Canva

The Mall and Literary Walk 

Mid Park at 66th Street 

Did you know the Mall is the Park’s only intentional straight line? American elms form a cathedral-like canopy above this wide pedestrian path, and this time of year, that canopy will be bright yellow!

 Gratisography from Pexels

The Reservoir

Mid Park between 86th and 96th Street

On the Reservoir’s west side, you’ll find the Kwanzan cherry, which turns bronze and red in the fall. On the east side, you’ll see the yoshino cherry, which becomes yellow and features sharply contrasting bark.

 Ikostudio via Canva

North Meadow

Mid Park between 97th and 102nd Street 

This is a kid's dream, the running space in itself feels limitless and can flip the switch for any child's imagination once they start running and feeling the wind in their hair. 

 Laura Reed from Pexel