Watch the Macy's Day Balloon Inflation with the Whole Family!

Less Crowds, More Fun

By Adina Kayton November 23, 2022

Planning on going to the Macy's Day Parade but worried about the crowds? This is definitely one to put on your bucket list for this year. Fun for the kids and less stress for you! 

The Macy's Day Inflation has become an event in itself over the years. To think there was a time when this Inflation didn't need extra security and didn't have crowds, it was a well kept locals secret! What a time. 

I have gathered some information about the event that will be helpful if you decide to go. You can definitely make a last minute decision to go with these tips!

What To Know

The inflation takes place around the Museum Of American History and starts on November 22nd from 12:00-6:00pmYou can enter at 72nd street and Columbus Avenue and head east toward Central Park West, the inflations ends around 81st street and Central Park West. 

TIPS for Going

Don't go early, go LATE. The crowds will be going home but the baloons stay up so if you are a local then just go a little later and see them in all their glory! 

Visit the Museum of American History to get a better view of the Inflation as you exit. The museum closes at 5:30pm on Wednesday night. 

Bring snacks and water, hot chocolate for the family. The loop will take around one hour to complete. 

Leave the stroller at home, there will be no room for it in the crowds. 

Security check-be mindful of what you bring that could be confiscated as you get near the event. 

Large backpacks, coolers, alcoholic beverages, chairs and umbrellas are expressly prohibited, and participants will be screened prior to entering the viewing route. 

Consider a shoulder carrier. We use this one. My husband carries both our kids in it taking turns and we always get stopped by people who want to learn more about it. Our 19 month old has been using it since she was 12 months old and our almost 6 year old loves it also. It's a great way to give the kids a view anywhere you go, but especially the night of the inflation!

Have fun and Happy Thanksgiving!