Music Together on the Upper East Side

Sing, Dance and Make Friends!

By Adina Kayton June 26, 2023

A Delightful Journey of Music and Bonding: Music Together Class Review

I had the pleasure of attending a Music Together class with my daughter who recently turned 2, and it proved to be a wonderful experience that we both thoroughly enjoyed. Here's my review of this journey of music and bonding:

From the moment we entered the class, the warm and inviting atmosphere set the tone for a happy and inclusive experience. The teacher, Miss Joelle, with her infectious enthusiasm and genuine love for music, created a nurturing environment where both children and parents felt comfortable and engaged.

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The class was thoughtfully structured, incorporating a variety of musical activities, interactive songs, and movement exercises that catered to children of different ages and developmental stages. I will say our class was mostly toddler ages kiddos, so it was geared towards their interests. So whether it was clapping, dancing, or playing simple instruments, each activity was carefully designed to encourage active participation and promote the love of music.

What truly stood out was the emphasis on parent-child bonding. The Music Together philosophy recognizes the powerful role parents play in their child's musical development. Throughout the class, parents were encouraged to actively join in, sing along, and interact with their children, fostering a sense of connection and creating beautiful moments of shared joy. Audrey and I enjoyed our bonding time together and it felt like we were on a mini "mommy and me" vacation during the classes.

The repertoire of songs was diverse and captivating, ranging from traditional favorites to multicultural tunes specifically created by Music Together experts. This eclectic mix exposed children to different rhythms, melodies, and languages, broadening their musical horizons and stimulating their auditory senses. The use of props and visual aids further enhanced the learning experience, captivating the attention of even the youngest participants (we even had an infant in the class).

The Music Together class also served as a wonderful platform for social interaction. Through group activities and collaborative play, children had the opportunity to engage with their peers, fostering social skills, sharing, and turn-taking in a supportive and friendly setting. It was heartwarming to witness the bonds formed among the children, creating a sense of community among families attending the class.

The Music Together class on the Upper East Side exceeded our expectations. It provided a delightful and enriching musical journey for my child and me. The combination of engaging activities, parent-child bonding, diverse repertoire, and a welcoming atmosphere made it an exceptional experience. I highly recommend Music Together classes to fellow parents seeking a fun and meaningful way to introduce their children to the joy of music and nurture their overall development.