Live Mini-Festival of Storytelling and Music

Central Park on September 30, 2023

By Adina Kayton September 15, 2023

The Hans Christian Andersen Story Telling Center 

Announces a Live Mini-Festival of Storytelling and Music  

in Central Park on September 30, 2023 

11 am - 1 pm

Location: at the Statue of Hans Christian Andersen, on the west side of Conservatory Pond   near the East 72nd Street entrance to Central Park. 

The Hans Christian Andersen Story Telling Center is pleased to be back in Central Park for storytelling for all ages. This is  our 65th year at the Andersen Statue, and on September 30 we will celebrate the birthday of the Duckling, an annual  event for all ages, featuring some of the best storytellers from New York and around the world.  

 Linda Humes will tell African Tales accompanied by drummer Sanga of the Valley 

 Laura Simms will tell Andersen’s iconic story of The Ugly Duckling accompanied by  

Met violinist Shem Guiborny 

 Therese Plair will tell a version of Andersen’s tale The Flying Trunk 

 Philadelphia-based mime and storyteller Ed Stivender will tell Andersen’s There is a DIfference  And there will be many other storytellers on hand for a village storytelling event,  

including Usha Ventrakamin from India, Valentina Ortiz from Mexico and Robin Bady  

from Brooklyn.  

Storytelling at the Hans Christian Andersen Statue in Central Park has been an iconic New York City tradition since  1956. Children and adults of all ages are transported into worlds within worlds as they listen to a talented ensemble of  storytellers presenting fairytales, folk stories, and true-life stories that showcase the richness and diversity of cultures  from around the world. This return of live storytelling at the Hans Christian Andersen statue symbolizes hope, joy and  resilience. It also is a renewed commitment to fostering imagination, community, and love of New York, while  celebrating diversity and kindness.  

This beautiful outdoor setting offers a unique opportunity for families and individuals to spend quality time engaged in  narratives away from electronic devices. Attendees can immerse themselves in the art of story telling while enjoying the  beauty of the open air in Central Park, making meaningful connections, and creating lasting memories. Our mini-festival  on September 30 marks the conclusion of our Summer 2023 season in the Park.  

Our programs are offered free of charge! Join us! Let your imagination soar!