Give Them a Gift They Wonโ€™t Outgrow: An Investment In Their Future

Start investing in your child's future by opening a UGMA account with Fabric by Gerber Life

By Kara Murphy, Macaroni KID December 21, 2023

As a mom, I'm always on the lookout for ways to help my kids learn, experience, and grow. So, I wanted to share something that recently caught my attention: A UGMA account with Fabric by Gerber Life. It's a concept I hadn't heard of before, but the more I learn, the more I'm convinced it's a brilliant idea.

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UGMA — which stands for Uniform Gifts to Minors Act — is an investment account for your kids. Basically, it allows parents like us to invest in assets like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds on behalf of our children.

I've always heard of 529 college savings accounts, but the UGMA account with Fabric by Gerber Life is different. This account is not just for educational expenses. UGMA funds can be used for anything that directly benefits your child, whether that's preschool costs, astronaut camp, or music lessons. Or invest it for when they are adults and let them use it for schooling, the purchase of a first car, or even startup capital for their own business.



A UGMA account with Fabric by Gerber Life can pay for summer camps, no matter their age.
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With Christmas approaching, this could be the perfect gift from grandparents or other family members. They can even set up regular automatic contributions. Even small gifts, made regularly, can accumulate into a substantial amount over time.

You can even share your child’s unique gifting link with friends and family—they’ll be able to send personalized gifts for birthdays, holidays, or just because. It takes just a few minutes to set up an account ready to receive gifts.

Unlike toys or clothes, it's a gift that won't be outgrown or forgotten in a few months.



A UGMA account with Fabric by Gerber Life can help offset the costs of education, whether preschool or high school.
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UGMAs also have several tax advantages that could help keep more money in your child’s account. It's a simple and efficient way for you and others who love your kids to invest in your child's future, without the usual complexity and time commitment of traditional investing. 



A UGMA account with Fabric by Gerber Life can pay to for a child's interests, like art classes and music lessons.
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That ease of use makes it appealing to a mom like me, who is certainly not a stock and investment expert. It seems incredibly user-friendly – everything is managed digitally, and you can start with as little as $20 per month. 

The platform helps you determine your risk tolerance and choose the right portfolio. The low monthly fees are a bonus, making it accessible for most families. 

Portfolios are managed by Fort Washington Investment Advisors, which I looked up. It's a reputable firm with a long history and significant assets under management, giving me peace of mind. Knowing that the accounts are SIPC-insured and protected with bank-level encryption adds an extra layer of trust.




A UGMA account with Fabric by Gerber Life can pay for sports lessons.

So, this year, I'm considering asking for a different kind of gift for my kids – an investment in their future. It's something they won't outgrow or lose interest in and can help them into adulthood. 

As the people who love them most, isn't that the best gift we could give?

Start a UGMA account today!

The kids pictured in this article are children of Macaroni KID and CertifiKID employees. ๐Ÿ’ž

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