Guide to Swimming Lessons

Best places on the UES to learn and have fun!

By Adina Kayton January 10, 2023

Swimming is a fun way to stay active and introduce healthy living from an early age. Whether you have a summer vacation planned and you want to know your child knows the basics of water safety or you have an expert swimmer on your hands, these classes below can help build confidence that will stay with them for the rest of their lives and give you piece of mind as well. 

Here are some of our favorite UES swim classes: 

Swim Jim
305 East 85th Street
At SwimJim, we take a careful and focused approach to swimming lessons. We believe that these skills and abilities lead to life-saving habits for your children. Our students build confidence in and around the water.
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Asphalt Green
555 E 90th Street
Our youth swim programs include group classes, private lessons, swim leagues and competitive teams.
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334 Amsterdam Ave at, W 76th St,
Starting your child off early with lessons can lead to positive lifelong swim habits. Studies have shown that these early lessons help a child develop physically, mentally, and emotionally.
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Penguin City Swim
132 East 45th Street
At Penguin City Swim we cover all aspects of swimming — always focusing on safety in and around the water.
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1395 Lexington Avenue
Give your children a positive first experience in the pool. 
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Happy Swimming!!